St Mary's Latin Mass Choir
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Mass in the Extraordinary Form
August 20th 2011

A congregation of over 100 attended the Annual Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Saturday 20th August. St Mary's has held such a Mass, also know as the Tridentine Rite, since 1997 with the support of our Parish Priests and Canon Stuart Wilson again supported this year.
With the issuance of the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" by the Holy Father in July 2007, the Tridentine Rite had its place confirmed in the Liturgy as the Extraordinary form of the single Roman Rite of which the Novus Ordo which is used at St Mary's remains the Ordinary form.

Watch below scenes and music from this year's Mass

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The Sacred Ministers were Fr Peter Gee Parish Priest of St Francis of Sales & St Gertrude, Stockwell; Mgr Gordon Read and Fr Gabriel Diaz. Father Peter is the nephew of a long term member of St Mary's Latin Mass Choir and himself sang with the Choir before his ordination.

The Latin Mass Choir with 19 singers sang Palestrina's "Missa Papae Marcelli"; Vittoria's "Sitientes" and Bruckner's "Os Iusti". Edward Barrett, our supremely capable Master of Ceremonies, created the 'ad orientem' altar required for an EF Mass and, with his team of servers, provided the perfect support for this beautiful liturgical form.

Pictures for the Mass were taken by Martin Hughes and we were very fortunate that Peter Grady kindly recorded the whole Mass for us. It is hoped to make copies of the full recording available to parishioners soon.


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